CEA-Retired Members Hard at Work in D.C.

CEA-Retired members are in Washington, D.C., this week, busy meeting with other retired teachers from around the country at the NEA-Retired Annual Meeting taking place yesterday and today.

NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia addressed the retirees yesterday, reminding them that their voices are important as the country faces state and national elections in November. She encouraged retired members to talk to their friends and neighbors and make sure candidates' positions on education are known to members' "circle of influence."

CEA-Retired President Gloria Brown and Vice President Bill Murray were presented with the first place award for best website for retired members earlier today. This is the third year CEA-Retired has won this award—placing it in the NEA-Retired Award Hall of Fame. CEA-Retired also entered the hall of fame last year for the CEA Advisor after the publication took top honors for reporting retiree news three years in a row.

More CEA members will soon be arriving in D.C. for the NEA Representative Assembly (RA), which takes place July 4-7. Check back later this week for RA news and updates.

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