Share Your Story

Share Your Story

March 13, 2018

Your voice can make a critical difference!

The legislature is considering bill SB-453: AAA Classroom Safety and Disruptive Behavior that would help to prevent assaults on teachers.

We need to share your stories with them. Please take a few minutes to write a paragraph or two (or more if you have time) about your experiences.

In your own words, discuss why teacher assault is a major problem in our schools that must be addressed.

Things to Consider

  • Administration not taking the problem seriously or failing to provide necessary services and resources
  • No consequences or appropriate interventions for violent students
  • Risks to the safety of other students and educators in the classroom
  • Discouragement of teachers to remain in the teaching profession
  • Ignoring behavioral issues in the school now increases the risk of those students becoming involved with the criminal justice system later on

Share Your Experiences

Please note: You can elect to submit your story anonymously, but we ask that you include your school district if possible, so we can share your experiences with your lawmakers.

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