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Connecticut Education Association News Release

Statement from CEA President Sheila Cohen on U.S. Supreme Court Hearing Oral Arguments in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association

January 11, 2016

The Friedrichs case is about corporate interests that want to undermine employee protections by attacking teachers, nurses, firefighters, and all organized labor—limiting our individual rights and our collective right to organize and succeed.

Strong collective bargaining relationships support high-quality public schools, services, and teaching professionals, who should have a say about their futures and the right to negotiate together for better wages and benefits that sustain their families. Everyone should care about Friedrichs because a robust American labor movement is essential to our nation's democracy and economy.

The Friedrichs lawsuit is not only an attack on fairness, but a threat to the American Dream. One of the keys to protecting that dream is Americans joining together to push back against the power and interests of groups such as the Center for Individual Rights, a conservative group and the driving force behind the Friedrichs lawsuit. Making sure that everyone has access to the American Dream and a fair shot at the middle class is essential to this country's future.

We are hopeful that the Court will do what's right and rule against Friedrichs and its wealthy corporate backers and allow teachers to continue to stand up together for the best interests of their students. Our professional voices must be heard because we know what students need to succeed. When teachers come together in union they are able to advocate not just for better wages and benefits, but for smaller class sizes, better learning environments, more school funding, and so much more.

The Connecticut Education Association represents 43,000 teachers in Connecticut.

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