Become a Member of CEA

Become a Member of CEA

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When you join CEA, you are involved on three different levels of membership

Connecticut Education Association (CEA)

Joining with you and your colleagues in advocacy, CEA elevates the teaching profession and helps students succeed. Together, through our organizing efforts, we challenge bureaucracies and speak up for effective education policies. A top CEA priority is maintaining and improving teacher salaries and health and retirement benefits—benefits that are commensurate with your education, training, and expertise. You and your family's well-being is addressed through exclusive member CEA/NEA insurance opportunities, discounts, and higher education, travel, and other programs. Against the backdrop of school reform, professional issues remain front and center as we work together to secure the respect, resources, and time you need to succeed.

National Education Association (NEA)

NEA advocates before the legislative and executive branches of government with a national education agenda that puts your students at the center of school reform and highlights you as a professional deserving of respect. Across America, NEA helps to articulate teachers' deep commitment to the success of every child. NEA lobbies policymakers to invest in classroom resources, teacher professional development, and social and community supports that are essential to student learning. Speaking out for great public schools, the organization insists that every student deserves a qualified, caring, and committed teacher.

Local Education Association (LEA)

Your LEA is your immediate contact for securing professional support and collaborating with your colleagues on vital issues. While annual priorities may differ among LEAs, they all share a commitment to maintaining and improving teacher salaries and benefits, promoting excellent working conditions for teachers and great learning conditions for students, and engaging the community to ensure necessary resources and vital support for local public schools.

What does the Association do for you?

  • Provides CEA staff for representation in matters related to the collective bargaining law
  • Offers local and statewide professional development and networking opportunities to improve your professional life*
  • Provides information, training, and support pertaining to professional learning, teacher evaluation, special education, certification, and education reform issues
  • Lobbies state and national lawmakers for improvements in education laws and funding
  • Negotiates contracts on behalf of all certified employees (not administrators)
  • Offers member benefits that provide goods and services at reduced rates*
  • Gives grievance assistance to uphold your contract
  • Provides representation during an investigation by administration (Weingarten)
  • Provides assistance for disadvantaged children and families through the Connecticut Education Foundation*

*Only available to full members

For complete information on joining, please contact Cheryl Hampson at 800-842-4316 or 860-525-5641, ext. 6335.

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