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Teachers' 2017 Priorities

Protect Local Public School Funding

Fund schools equitably in a way that prohibits taking funding and resources way from traditional, local public schools.

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Improve Student Learning, Achievement, and Opportunities

Direct current resources toward programs and strategies that have been proven to increase learning and opportunity.

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Prohibit Discrimination and Bias in State Mastery Tests and Ban Their Use From Teacher Evaluations

Prevent discriminatory use of the mastery test for invalid purposes that harm the curriculum and educational opportunity for all students, especially those in high poverty districts and prohibit their use in teacher evaluations.

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Protect the Retirement Security of All Active and Retired Teachers

Ensure the long-term solvency, the stability, and the benefit structure of the state teachers' retirement fund.

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Protect Teachers from Unsubstantiated Allegations of Abuse or Neglect

Require local education officials to remove any reference to an unsubstantiated DCF claim from teachers' personnel records and any other records relating to him or her.

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Accountability and Transparency for Charter School Management Organizations

Create oversight and real transparency for charter schools management operators to make them accountable for financial decisions regarding how taxpayer dollars are used and policy decisions that result in excessive expulsion rates and practices that push lower-performing students out of their schools.

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