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Accountability and Transparency for Charter School Management Organizations

Create oversight and real transparency for charter schools management operators to make them accountable for financial decisions regarding how taxpayer dollars are used and policy decisions that result in excessive expulsion rates and practices that push lower-performing students out of their schools.

  • Phase out designation of Charter Management Organization (CMO's) and broad-brush contracts with flat fees (fees to be for specific and specified services)
  • Develop stricter auditing requirements for existing CMO contracts
  • Ensure that CMO's are subject to whistleblower protection (they may already be due to their contract size, but it's not clear) Shift burden of CMO Freedom of Information (FOI) from each school under a CMO's umbrella to the CMO itself
  • Require that donor names be subject to FOI after 5 years (disclosure for transparency, but a delay to address chilling effect)
  • Cap CMO student enrollment size in alliance districts
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Executive Summary Report
Change in Expenditures and Management Fees Per Pupil Achievement First and Domus
Change in State Charter Grant Dollars Given to Achievement First and Domus
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