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Protect Teachers and Students from Aggressive Behavior in the Classroom

To address student violence and aggressive behavior in the classroom, CEA will be advocating for laws that:

  • Protect teachers in dangerous situations and provide supports to help ensure safe classroom settings
  • Improve awareness and documentation of violent and threatening behavior in the classroom and its impact on teachers and other students in the learning environment
  • Result in all responsible stakeholders -- parents, administrators, teachers, and local board members — having a role in addressing the problem of aggressive student behavior collaboratively
  • Direct additional resources such as social workers and other specialists to children whose behavior is or could become, dangerous to themselves, other students, or staff.
  • Improve and expand training on strategies to prevent aggressive student behavior

CEA Teacher Safety Page

Every educator has the right to a safe working environment. As your union, CEA wants to ensure that if you are threatened or assaulted at school, appropriate steps are taken to protect you.

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