Repeal the 1% Teacher Tax and Protect Teacher Pensions

Repeal the 1% Teacher Tax and Protect Teacher Pensions

Contact Legislative Leaders Now and Urge Them to Roll Back the Teacher Tax

There are only five days left in the legislative session, and legislators need to act to roll back the 1 percent teacher tax.

Please contact legislative leaders now, and urge them to repeal this 1 percent tax that unfairly targets teachers.

Email legislative leaders now

Repeal the 1% tax on teachers, and restructure payments by the State to ensure the long-term solvency, stability, and benefit structure of the state teachers' retirement fund.

  • Repeal the 1% payroll tax imposed on teachers in 2017
  • Ensure the state is fulfilling its obligation to funding the state teachers' retirement fund so that it will be financed and solvent over the long-term
  • Restructure the payments the state is required to make in order to smooth out cliffs over time and protect the system

Statement from CEA President Sheila Cohen on the Governor's State of the State Address

While Governor Malloy's message in his address to the General Assembly emphasized Connecticut's tradition of fairness and concern for future generations, his budget proposal is anything but fair for Connecticut's students and public schools.

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