Protect Local Public School Funding

Protect Local Public School Funding

Equitably fund public schools and prohibit taking funding and resources away from traditional neighborhood public schools.

Goal: Preserve/establish education funding to meet the needs of all students in all communities.

  • Address the state's commitment to fully funding ECS and all local public schools equitably
  • Identify a dedicated funding source for ECS
  • Protect ECS funding from annual political changes by placing it in a lockbox similar to what was done to protect Connecticut's transportation funds
  • Prohibit the diversion of local public school dollars through corporate schemes like tax credits for private school tuition
  • Address inefficiencies created by a parallel charter school system
  • Freeze charter school expansion and place a moratorium on new charter schools pending studies of the charter sector's efficacy
  • Stop paying private charter school management companies millions of dollars in management fees
  • Address the rising costs of special education by implementing equitable evidence-based cost controls
  • Increase funding to districts for English Learners (EL)

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