Protect Teachers' Rights

Protect Teachers' Rights

Protect Teachers' Rights

Advocate against any proposals that eliminate, restrict, or interfere with teachers' rights to negotiate salaries, health insurance, working conditions, and other benefits.

Goal: Protect teachers' collective bargaining rights and improve teaching conditions.

  • Oppose efforts to limit the scope of bargaining that would restrict what teachers can negotiate for in their contracts, specifically bargaining for wages, benefits, and working conditions
  • Oppose legislation that would restrict or take away the right to bargain for health insurance benefits, cap wage increases, eliminate dues deductions, or impede union access to members for meetings, information sharing, etc.
  • Oppose any increase to the threshold for a municipality's ability to pay (amount of money a town can set aside so that it is not included in the town's ability to pay for raises, health insurance, or other labor costs).

SB 164: An Act Including Certain Mental or Emotional Impairments Within the 'Definition of Personal Injury' Under the Workers' Compensation Statutes

Read testimony from CEA before the Black and Puerto Rican Caucus.

Melanie I. Kolek
CEA Legal Counsel

RE: HB 6926, 6930, 6935, 6936

Oppose: HB 5637

Read testimony from CEA before the Education Committee.

Jeff Leake
CEA President

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