Congressman Joe Courtney

2018 U.S. Congressional Races

Second Congressional District Representative Joe Courtney

"A strong and equitably funded system of public schools in Connecticut is one of the most important foundations of a thriving middle class. It ensures that we have an educated workforce to build tomorrow's economy. With Secretary DeVos' hostile position towards traditional public schools leading our Department of Education, it's more important than ever that we stand with our dedicated teachers and their commitment to the students and to the future."

Congressman Joe Courtney

Hear What Some Teachers Are Saying

"Joe Courtney has been a friend of education for as long as I can remember. He cares about teachers, he fights for us, and in these uncertain times, it is critical to have someone like Joe in Washington—a representative we know we can depend on. This is a critical election, and all teachers need to get out and vote on November 6. We need Joe Courtney!"

Steven Archibald, East Hampton teacher

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