Candidate Jahana Hayes

2018 U.S. Congressional Races

Fifth Congressional District Candidate Jahana Hayes

"The qualities that educators hone in the classroom—like patience, compassion and a determination to help others thrive—are needed now more than ever in our government bodies. It's so exciting to see a record number of teachers, equipped with these qualities and with important real-world experience, run for public office this year"

Jahana Hayes

Hear What Some Teachers Are Saying

"Who could possibly represent the voice of teachers better than a National Teacher of the Year? Jahana Hayes knows the true hearts of teachers and the challenges we face. Her story is one of survival, grit, and perseverance. Yet, as tough as she is, her students benefited from her caring nature. These are the qualities that are crucial in order to represent the Fifth Congressional District in these tumultuous times. Teachers MUST get out and vote for Jahana Hayes on Election Day!"

Doreen Lopez, Waterbury teacher

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