2018 State Legislator Voting Scores

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Rep. Derek Slap — (D)
District 19

Legislative Office Building | Hartford, CT 06106-1591


Towns Represented

Avon (p), Farmington (p), West Hartford (p)


Energy and Technology (Vice Chair), Environment, Planning and Development

Year Score
2018 90.0
2017 91.3


Average Score*

* The yearly and average scores also includes a holistic view of legislators' overall support for teachers and public education. This includes scores in the following categories:

1. Votes on important bills
2. Advocacy for CEA positions
3. Legislative Actions to help advance CEA priorities
4. Responsiveness to members as constituents

Voting History

= Voted With CEA       = Voted Against CEA

Bill Year Vote Notes

HB 543: 2018 Budget Bill

2018 Favorable vote rejected governor's proposal to reduce ECS by $63m and Magnet School funding by $18.5m from FY19 enacted amounts. It restored $8.5m funding to teacher retiree health and $1.5m to TEAM.

HB 543 LCO 5967: 2018 Budget Bill Amendment

2018 Favorable vote indicated opposition to this amendment, which would have removed health care from collective bargaining for state workers, setting a precedent that could reach other public employees such as teachers.

SB 453: Classroom Safety

2018 Favorable vote indicates support for a bill providing greater teacher input and access to resources to address incidents where a student causes physical harm to others in the classroom. (Passed; Vetoed)

SB 456: Displaced Students from Puerto Rico

2018 Favorable vote supported legislation providing resources to school districts enrolling students displaced by hurricane Maria. Additional funds in the budget also supported this effort.


2018 Favorable vote indicates support for a bill that allows undocumented graduates of high schools in Connecticut aka ("Dreamers") be eligible for tuition assistance at public colleges and universities in the state.

SB 455: Minority Teacher Recruitment

2018 Favorable vote supported a version of legislation that promoted minority teacher recruitment and retention without diminishing the value of teacher certification. Prior versions would have undermined the teacher evaluation system and awarded certification without adequate preparation.

HB 5171: Prohibition of Governor's Recissions

2018 Favorable vote indicates support of a bill that would prevent the governor from unilaterally making mid-year reductions to the education cost sharing grant for cities and towns without legislative approval. (Passed; Vetoed)

HB 5171: Veto Override of Prohibition of Governor's Recissions

2018 Favorable vote supported a procedural action to permit a future vote to override the governor's veto of the Prohibition of Governor's Recissions Bill.
Bill Year Vote Notes

SB 1502: October Budget and ECS

2017 Favorable vote prevented deeper ECS cuts proposed by the governor and staved off efforts to undermine collective bargaining. Opposition (passed SB 1502)


2017 Favorable vote indicated support of state employee collective bargaining. Opposition sought to undermine the collective bargaining process. (Passed; HR 202 & SR 51)

HB 7501: September Budget

2017 Favorable vote indicates opposition to provisions of this bill that: Increased Teacher Pension contribution to 8%; redistributed ECS to the detriment of needier districts; limited state employee collective bargaining; and undermined municipal collective bargaining. (Passed HB 7501; vetoed)

SB 1502: Teacher Pension Increase

2017 Favorable vote indicates opposition to increasing teachers contrubution to the TRF from 6% to 7%. (SB 1502)

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