Shiny Apple, Rotten Apple

Shiny Apple, Rotten Apple

Are your state legislators supporting students, teachers, and public education or are they working hard against everything you believe in?

Click here for a list of education-friendly legislators who introduced bills requested by CEA that would support public education and the rights of students and teachers.

The bills

  • Protect public school funding
  • Exclude state mastery exam scores from teacher evaluations
  • Provide all students with the opportunity to learn and achieve.

Educators should thank these advocates for their efforts to improve public education.

Click here for a list of legislators who introduced anti-public education and anti-union bills that would

  • Prevent employees from joining a union or paying dues (making Connecticut a right to work state)
  • Eliminate defined benefit pension plans
  • Limit wage increases in binding arbitration awards
  • Privatize up to half of all public services

If any of your legislators are on this list, contact them and tell them why they need to stand with, not against teachers.

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