Teacher Advocate Grassroots (TAG) Team

Teacher Advocate Grassroots (TAG) Team

What is the TAG Team?

The Teacher Advocate Grassroots (TAG) Team is a group of active and retired teachers who advocate for public education.

What does it mean to be a TAG Team Member?

As a member of the TAG Team you will receive brief updates throughout the legislative session on what's happening at the Capitol and, at times, you will be asked to contact your own legislators to ensure they know where educators in their district stand on issues impacting public education.

To contact your legislators by phone, please call the number listed below for the appropriate caucus:

House Democrats (860) 240-8500
House Republicans (860) 240-8700
Senate Democrats (860) 240-8600
Senate Republicans (860) 240-8800

If you need to look up your legislator, use our Find Your State Legislator utility.

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Stay on top of legislative developments by joining CEA's Teacher Advocate Grassroots (TAG) Team. Reach out to your elected officials about specific bills that could impact schools and classrooms. As a TAG Team member, you can help lawmakers understand some of the everyday challenges you face and how their decisions impact your students and profession.

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