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Professional Issues

CEA Professional Issues


Applying for Certification
Whether you're applying for your first certificate, a renewal, or the next level of certification, CEA can help make the process easy.
Basic Information
Learn about Connecticut's three-tiered certification continuum and its core requirements.
Certification News
A collection of local and national news stories and information on teacher certification.
Maintaining Your Certificate
Information and resources on how to keep your teaching certificate up-to-date.


Activities and Lesson Plans
An extensive collection of online curriculum and instruction resources relating to education, teaching and learning.
Curriculum/Project Grants
A listing of various academic grants offered from a variety of organizations.
Education Initiatives
External online resources aimed at improving and strengthening education and learning.
Educational Research and Policy
Resources that identify, develop and enhanced public policy for education.
Professional Associations
A variety of local and national education organizations and associations.


Professional Learning Grants for Teachers
A listing of various academic grants offered from a variety of organizations.
Online Learning Opportunities
Online learning courses, podcasts and videos to help educators increase their knowledge and improve their curricula.
Regional Education Service Centers (RESCs)
Every school district in Connecticut benefits from services provided by Regional Educational Service Centers (RESCs).
Research and Effective PL Information
Articles and research on how to create more powerful professional development experiences.
Standards & Guidance Document
This new document includes specific information about the role of the PDEC in developing and implementing the district's professional learning plan.


CEA Generated Research
A listing of various academic grants offered from a variety of organizations.
External Resources
Links to the CT State Department of Education and other outside special education resources.
Special Education Workshops
A variety of Special Education workshops presented by Robyn Kaplan-Cho, CEA Retirement Specialist.


Teacher Education and Mentoring (TEAM)
The Teacher Education and Mentoring Program (TEAM) is a two year induction program for beginning teachers that includes mentorship and professional development. Beginning teachers participating in the program are assigned a trained mentor to guide them through developing individualized growth plans, uniquely based on their own needs as educators.

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