Professional Issues

Professional Issues

CEA Professional Issues


Applying for Certification
Whether you're applying for your first certificate, a renewal, or the next level of certification, CEA can help make the process easy.
Basic Information
Learn about Connecticut's three-tiered certification continuum and its core requirements.
Certification News
A collection of local and national news stories and information on teacher certification.
Maintaining Your Certificate
Information and resources on how to keep your teaching certificate up-to-date.


News and Reseources
Whether it's your first time in the classroom or your sixth year, we are here with all the resources early-career professionals need.


Professional Learning Academy
CEA Professional Learning Academy offers a wealth of professional development opportunities for teachers, aligned with Connecticut's professional learning standards.


CEA Generated Research
A listing of various academic grants offered from a variety of organizations.
External Resources
Links to the CT State Department of Education and other outside special education resources.
Special Education Workshops
A variety of Special Education workshops presented by Robyn Kaplan-Cho, CEA Retirement Specialist.


Teacher Education and Mentoring (TEAM)
The Teacher Education and Mentoring Program (TEAM) is a two year induction program for beginning teachers that includes mentorship and professional development. Beginning teachers participating in the program are assigned a trained mentor to guide them through developing individualized growth plans, uniquely based on their own needs as educators.


Teacher Safety
Every educator has the right to a safe working environment. As your union, CEA wants to ensure that if you are threatened or assaulted at school, appropriate steps are taken to protect you.

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