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New Teacher News

Whether it's your first year in the classroom or your sixth, CEA is here with the resources you need to succeed. Your union delivers free professional development for members, strategies for acing your teacher evaluation, and more ways to stretch your hard-earned dollars.

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Retirement Primer for Early-Career Educators

It's never too early to begin planning for life outside the classroom. Learn about the State Teachers' Retirement System, mandatory and voluntary contributions, when you're vested, and what happens when you change districts, take a leave of absence, or go part-time. We'll help you understand what pension benefits you are entitled to as well as steps to take early in your career to make the most of your retirement.

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New Teacher Guide

The Connecticut Education Association welcomes you to the teaching profession! As a member, you join teachers in making up CEA, the largest teachers union in the state. We hope this handbook helps you get your career off to a great start.


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School Me - NEA Today

The School Me blog series is a collection of blogs written by NEA members and experienced educators with advice and tips on how to thrive in your first few years as an educator.

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