Did You Get a Nonrenewal Notice?

Did You Get a Nonrenewal Notice?

Because of uncertainty about budgets and state aid, schools districts may be sending teachers more nonrenewal or reduction in force (RIF) notices than in the past.

While many educators who receive these notices are back in their classrooms in the fall, the prospect of losing a teaching position you have worked so hard for can be extremely difficult.

CEA is here to guide you through the process, protect your rights, and ensure the best possible outcome.

Nonrenewal notices must be provided to teachers in writing no later than May 1. If you receive such a notice, talk to your local president or UniServ Rep about whether you should resign (in lieu of being non-renewed), your eligibility for unemployment, getting references, and maintaining your union member benefits.

5 things to do right now:

  1. Contact Your Union. Talk to your UniServ Rep or local president before signing any paperwork.
  2. Reference Letters: Don't delay! Ask at least two administrators if they will provide you with a reference letter. Keep your union representative in the loop.
  3. Medical Coverage: Consider taking care of medical appointments and concerns before your deductible resets.
  4. Personnel File: Now is a good time to contact HR and request a copy of your personnel file. If you have any disciplinary letters on file, discuss with your Association representative whether you should submit a rebuttal/response letter before your employment ends, to clarify gaps or inaccuracies. This is your legal right.
  5. Association Membership. CEA legal services, member discounts, and other key benefits can be maintained during your layoff through your continued CEA membership. For questions about your membership options, contact Cheryl Hampson at (860) 525-5641 or cherylh@cea.org.

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