Teacher Education and Mentoring (TEAM)

Teacher Education and Mentoring (TEAM)


For more than 10 years, teachers had asked CEA to work to bring change to the BEST program. With the help of members from across the state, change finally came in 2008. The resulting legislation eliminated BEST in June 2009, and created a special task force to design a new mentoring program.

CEA played a major role in creating what the task force first called the Mentor Assistance Program, whose name was later changed to Teacher Education and Mentoring, or TEAM.

The Teacher Education and Mentoring Program (TEAM) is a two year induction program for beginning teachers that includes mentorship and professional development. Beginning teachers participating in the program are assigned a trained mentor to guide them through developing individualized growth plans, uniquely based on their own needs as educators.

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    TEAM Program Gets High Marks in Evaluation Report

    The first formal evaluation of the TEAM program, conducted by an outside evaluator, gives it high marks for its positive impact on teacher induction, professional learning, and instruction.

    Read the Executive Summary
    Read the Full Report

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    A Retirement Primer For Early Career Teachers

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