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Teacher Assault

Teachers Share Emotional Stories of Aggressive Student Behavior

New measures in SB 453 would keep classrooms safe

Palma Adams was an elementary school teacher in Watertown until a permanent disability, the culmination of years of student abuse, changed her life.

"I would like to explain how my career came to an end," she told lawmakers. "On September 28, 2007, I was working one-on-one with a multi-handicapped student when he turned, stared at me with a glazed expression, spit in my face, and proceeded to punch me in my left temple. While I tried to get him to his designated safe area, he punched both of my breasts, backkicked my right ankle to the bone, and bodychecked me to the cement wall."

Attacks such as these were repeated over many years, by many students.

"I felt overwhelmed and was unprotected and unsafe in my workplace," said Adams. "I requested help from school administration for problematic students, but none came."

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School social worker Charity Korb says that during her years as a school social worker she's sustained multiple injuries from which she's never been able to heal as she's been repeatedly injured by students again and again.

Norwich art teacher Heidi Kapszukiewicz was forced to retire from a career she loved before she was ready due to multiple severe injuries she sustained from students. She's now speaking up on behalf of her colleagues who are still in the classroom and facing aggressive student behavior.

Teachers Ask for More Protection Against Unruly Students

Kicked, bitten, and thrown to the ground. Connecticut teachers say they've had enough.

Written Testimony on SB-453: AAA Classroom Safety and Disruptive Behavior

Read some of the testimony from CEA leaders and teachers.

Donald Williams
CEA Executive Director
Michael Casey
CEA Uniserv Representative
Sue Fulleton
CEA Uniserv Representative
Robyn Kaplan-Cho
CEA Retirement Specialist
Marilyn Mathes
CEA Director of Affiliate Services and Member Training

Read Testimony from Dozens of Teachers Assaulted by Students

Tell them to pass SB 453 - An Act Concerning Classroom Safety and Disruptive Behavior
to ensure schools are safe places to work and learn

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